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Day 6: ASCIM-Workshops #2:

“Tools and Methods in Use”

Day 6 Friday Feb. 26th

Experience Creativity and Innovation at its core during the ASCIM workshops. Following the main themes of the ASCIM conference (Innovation Strategies, People, Culture and Leadership, and Innovation Tools and Methods), 13 half-day workshops will be offered to you to select from. International experts from well known innovative companies in the world will led your workshop. Don’t miss the workshop led by Cirque du Soleil, a life time experience!

Location: Bangkok University Rangsit Campus

09:00 AM
Why do start-ups fail today? According to research, it’s not because of bad ideas, lack of funding, or even the wrong team... Overwhelmingly, the number one reason is: we build something that nobody wants. The other way to put it, is that we need to learn how to craft a value proposition that fits what our customers (will) want and need.
Nevertheless, for the best businesses out there, there’s even more to it. Beyond product-market fit, they build business models that empower their value proposition and ensure that they become sustainable and/or profitable in the process.
This workshop is an intense, hands-on introduction to the concepts and tools of the international bestsellers Business Model Generation and its recently released sequel Value Proposition Design. This is an invitation to discover how to better navigate the uncertainty and complexity of starting a business and to create value for your customers and your company at the same time.
Target audience: anyone with an interest in starting a company, increasing the value of their businesses or learning how to put a business idea on paper in a few minutes. No specific skills required.

Greg Bernarda

Founder, Greg Bernarda Strategy Design SINGAPORE

Take a team. Put them in an uncertain, ambiguous situation. Make them innovate.
Doesn’t work? Try again. Still nothing? Well, you are in trouble.
Through a role play, this workshop will make you understand what is at stake in teamworking when everyone is put out of their comfort zone. It will describe examples of models and tools which help project managers to cope with different behaviors and individuals’ position in an innovation process.Moreover, you will see how to take advantage of this diversity in order to empower your team and enrich your innovation.

Edouard Le Marechal

President Crea France - Tangenciels FRANCE

​Many businesspeople think that creativity and innovation are difficult, chaotic and mysterious. Perhaps they participated in brainstorming sessions and innovation workshops where they were asked to apply the same creativity techniques to produce the same old, safe and sensible ideas that everyone else in the category or industry gets.  In this workshop, the participants get an introduction to X-IDEA, the awards-winning innovation process method & toolbox of the Asian innovation company Thinkergy. X-IDEA stands for the five process stages that a team sequentially passes through in an innovation project: Xploration, Ideation, Development, Evaluation, and Action. In each stage of X-IDEA, an innovation team follows a different objective and uses different kind of thinking tools to produce different kind of target outputs. Thanks to its highly systematic, yet playful approach, X-IDEA can safely guide an innovation team towards novel, original and meaningful ideas that eventually evolve into tangible innovation results. ""X-IDEA: The Structured Magic of Playful Innovation"" is also the title of an upcoming innovation book of the speaker that is currently under review with Wiley UK for publication in 2016.

Detlef Reis

Founder and Chief Ideator Thinkergy HONG-KONG

12:30 PM
02:00 PM

In order to successfully innovate, you have to two thing - an insight and a strategy. One with the other is incomplete. In this workshop, you will learn techniques on how to generate groundbreaking insights on your customers, companies or your general context. These insights will allow you to reframe your current situation into high potential Innovation Objectives. You will then learn how to develop powerful strategic ideas to create solutions for your Innovation Objectives. Packed with real-live case examples, this session will impart Innovation Tools that are effective, efficient, and more importantly ENJOYABLE.

Aaron Palileo

Founder Bootleg MANILA

Teak Research will lead a workshop on how to dissect the consumer experience into easily understandable stages which can be used as a tool for innovation. Participants will learn how to identify things like moments of delight, moments of frustration, workarounds, confusion, frustration, and other aspects of consumers' experience with everyday products and services. Participants will gain new tools to use and share within their organizations to better understand the relationship between their business and their customers.

Sawyer J Lahr & Adisorn Supawatanakul

Adisorn Supawatanakul Partner and Director at Teak Research THAILAND Sawyer J Lahr General Manager & Partner - Teak Research THAILAND

Experience has shown that nearly 90% of innovations are doomed to failure because they do not solve any problem felt by the user. When conventional methods rely on the notion of need for new products /services design, the user experience approach favors takes expectations and desires into account.
At the border of sociology, ethnology, psychology, economics, marketing ... the CAUTIC® (Conception Assistée par l’Usage pour les Technologies, l’Innovation et le Changement) method allows to analyze the logic of the user: his uses, customs, habits, problems, behavior, values, environment ...
Explaining why and how users will accept or not, an innovation in their daily lives, CAUTIC® determines its meaning and value perceived by the user.

CAUTIC®, a unique method to test ideas or concepts and reduce the risk of innovation launches failure
This method is central in the innovation design process, from ideas to concept tests or mockup / prototypes tests. It assesses the innovation acceptability in order to formulate improvement ways destined to project leaders. It creates innovations that make sense for future clients beyond their technical, operational or commercial qualities.

ASCIM Workshop ""Usage and Acceptability Driven Innovation” 
Through a progressive and active route, based on a specific example scenario, the participants will discover a comprehensive methodology where the CAUTIC® method is central. In particular, they will discover:
- The 19 criteria to determine whether an innovation makes sense for its future user;
- The identity profiles in situation of change to understand the adoption and diffusion of innovation;
- The implementation of a practical acceptability test;
- The links between acceptability and desirability: how to design desirable innovation objects.

Pascal Pizelle

President ixiade FRANCE

05:30 PM
Closing Remarks of ASCIM 2016!